Claim your true power. Create the life you desire. Leave a profound legacy.  


Passionate About Empowering Others

Susan is passionate about inspiring and motivating others to find their voice and source of strength, as she has witnessed the fallout from abuse of power both personally and professionally.  She has overcome significant obstacles as it relates to asymmetrical power relationships, where one member is more dominant, while the other gradually loses his or her freedom.  As such, her perseverance to rise above fueled her deepest desires to give back to the community at large in a fervent way. Her goal is to empower both magnificent women and phenomenal men to become leaders who will leave profound legacies; powerful leaders of integrity who use the strength of their character as a foundation to build the successful life they truly desire. 

In addition to her education, Susan has a wealth of experience in various fields that give her a unique perspective as someone who not only understands entrepreneurship but someone who embodies it.  She brings mindfulness from her experience that can unleash the true power within todays ‘bigger better faster more’ focused leaders. Susan believes reciprocal conscious relationships are the key to success. She uses her unique ability as a Conflict & Empowerment Coach to address conflict in all stages: before, during and after a conflict arises. She uses a Comprehensive Conflict Coaching Model to aid in this process in order to engage clients in strategic perspectives before making decisions about "what to do" in the conflict. She assists clients in addressing and identifying conflict styles, and choosing the appropriate style for the conflict at hand. Susan teaches clients how to negotiate effectively in a collaborative, competitive, or mixed motive situation and focuses on developing clients awareness of other dispute resolution systems and processes to enhance their success.

  • International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach 

  • Certified Professional Coach New York College of Health Coaching for Transformation | Leadership That Works

  • Certified Mediator

  • Certified Arbitrator

  • Harvard Medical School Affiliate Institute of Coaching Fellow

  • International Coach Federation Member

  • Positive Neuroplasticity Professional, Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

  • Bachelor of Science Information Technology Management, Systems Analysis & Design | UMBC Magna Cum Laude

  • Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Investor