Susan Ross is an Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, Mediator and Philanthropist in Southern California and the greater metropolitan DC area.  Her practice welcomes individuals who are experiencing conflict and desire growth but feel stuck in how to move forward effectively. If you are ready to resolve conflict and to become more powerful, purposeful & passionate contact Susan to see how she can help.


As an empowerment and leadership expert, Susan motivates individuals to remove obstacles and ignites their passion and perseverance to achieve long term goals.  Her unique methodology helps them actualize the life they desire and leave a profound legacy.  


Susan offers a free initial consultation and serves an international executive client base to include C-suite executives, doctors, politicians, professional athletes and celebrities.  She also serves to resolve conflict within families, including power struggles between child and parent, divorce stressors as well as trauma.


How I Can

Help You


30 min    |   Complimentary

One on one session designed to clarify needs, answer questions and determine how conflict and empowerment coaching can move you to the next level and enable you to live the life of your dreams.

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